Monday, February 4, 2013

The Best Time to Workout is?

When is the best time to workout?

   If you are looking for an answer like, early morning or mid afternoon or in the evening after work, unfortunately you will not find that answer anywhere. There is no correct answer or scientifically proven answer for this. If anyone tells you that this is the best time to workout, they are wrong.

Now, the best time to workout is when your body will workout and make the workout count. This is when your body can do the most and the worst time. So if getting up in the morning and taking a jog or weight-lifting is your thing then that is your best time.

Remember, when working out have a couple of things in mind and ask yourself:
  1. Was I successful in my mission today? (fat loss, bulking, toning)
  2. Did I workout to my full potential? (could you have done more)
  3. Did I make my workout count?
Most important thing is do not do a rush workout, they never work and they never count. Quality is the key to a Perfect workout and time plays in a major role in that Quality. It does not matter how many push-ups you done in 30 seconds, it does matter how many push-ups you did correctly in 30 secs; major difference here.

You will see faster results in quality and taking your time in working out then just doing it.

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